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                                      Food Safety

                                      Experiments on two sessions

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                                      “Food is the paramount necessity of people and food safety is the top priority. ” Food safety is related to thousands of households, is a major event in people‘s lives, improve food safety is a common responsibility of the whole society.

                                      Saw “Environmental Stewardship” Chen Fei took 500 of the basket on the NPC and CPPCC, also met Chen Guangbiao was wearing a green dress to attend the NPC and CPPCC, but never seen with harmful food samples to Beijing to attend. Group deliberations on the morning of the 6 National People’s Congress of Zhejiang group, the National People‘s Congress, Haining City Huafeng village secretary Zhu Zhangjin has done such an experiment: he took out a bag of peanuts from the bag, number 10, into the glasses, with cold water shower, just a few seconds, the whole cup of water into black. His experiment worked wonders, reports the use of “full outcry” to describe. Representative horror over who launched a fierce debate about the safety of food around the bag of peanuts, discuss not only highlight the theme, but also “dry cargo”。 Many representatives of the proposed regulation of harmful food golden idea. Peanuts experimental thanks on behalf of Zhu does.